“The loveliest scene of the opera was the first one. The river maidens, Jacqueline Echols (Woglinde), Catherine Martin (Wellgunde), and Renée Tatum (Flosshilde) all had such wonderfully unique voices, yet blended so beautifully with rich harmonies to create a shimmering river scene. As they effortlessly floated across the stage, there were billows of fog creating a cool and calming effect, which brought the audience deep into the river valleys of this mythical world. One can’t help but feel the intensely thick waves of music wash over you.”

-MD Theater Guide

“. . . Rhinemaidens (delightful erotic sprites of the River played beautifully by Renee Tatum, Jacqueline Echols, and Catherine Martin)”

-DC Metro Theater Arts

“Jacqueline Echols, Catherine Martin, and Renée Tatum move and sing delightfully. Their beauty in the first scene did not prepare me for the stunning last image in the opera, where the three crawl on stage, draped in black, begging with their extended arms to be saved and ascend with the Family Wotan. They resonate as not only people who were broken and left behind in the economic crash but as victims of the desecration of nature.”

-DC Theatre Scene

“As the three river maidens, Renee Tatum, Jacqueline Echols and Catherine Martin offer a blend of exquisite, lush, and otherworldly sound”

-Metro Weekly

“The Rhinemaidens (Jacqueline Echols, Catherine Martin and Renee Tatum) set a high standard for the evening with a consistently beautiful opening trio, a hint of the strength up and down the roster to come.”